Warehousing and Logistics

Our warehousing and logistics services can satisfy all of your client’s requirements.

Whether you sell to industrials, high-end department stores, mass merchandisers, or directly to end user via the Internet, we will take care of your company and your clients.

With our own modern facilities centrally located at various locations, the client’s distribution capabilities and storage options are maximized.

We can provide you with a full range of services, in a flexible, efficient, competitive and competent environment.

Our centralized warehousing locations, specialization in multi-user operations and efficient resource utilization programs, have resulted in being able to offer greater economies of scale advantages to our clients.

Lashing & Packing

We provide safe and efficient lashing and packing services. We secure your cargo pre-transportation in the safest way possible to avoid accidents or damage to the goods. Lashing is the securing of cargo for transportation with the goal of minimizing shifting. Items used for lashing include ropes, cables, wires, chains, strapping, and nets. These items are anchored to the container and tensioned against the cargo.

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